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Exclusive Services

Here are some of the best work and services I am offering now. If you want to order dessert or sweet treats please head over to my shop. There is Free pick-up in Gainesville, GA. I also take catering orders-  the menu is displayed on the left side and in the shop (if you are ordering outside the city/state it will COME FROZEN) with adequate instructions on how to heat it well and enjoy. For Custom Cakes, I only work with clients in the State of Georgia so feel free to send me a message and I will respond as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy everything!

Nigerian Style Fried Rice 

Nigerian Fried rice is another party staple, but very hard to get right. this rice delicacy is spiced correctly, with fresh vegetables and fried meats of your choice.

Custom Cakes!

I specialize in making custom cakes, different designs, shapes, themes, and flavors you name it for birthday parties and other special events. Email for more inquiries.

Asian Style Fried Rice

This Asian-inspired fried rice is made with chicken, and shrimp, or any choice of your meats, seasoned to perfection and served with a great sauce on the side, it'll keep you looking for more.

Jollof Rice 

Jollof Rice is A west African favorite & party staple. This is served in a 6qt container or 1/2 pan ready for your get-together.

Ultimate Chocolate chip Cookies

These are what I would call my best sellers and award-winning cookies. made with brown butter and lots of love. You can also get this in white chocolate chip and macadamia nuts.

Personal Cakes | Lunchbox cakes

My lunchbox cakes are an amazing way to eat a sweet treat without all the guilt.


Wingz, wings, chicken, and things! everyone loves chicken, and i am bringing a variety of them to your doorstep!

(Hot wings, honey barbeque wings, and honey lemon chicken)

Brownies & Blondies 

This sweet temptation is made with brown butter which gives a nutty, caramel flavor. And you can choose whether you want a brownie or blondie, and top it with your favorite mix-ins.

Small Chops!

The best way to get a party started is with snacks, and what better snack to eat than small chops? Sweet sensations offer a variety of small chops options such as Puff puff, sweet & spicy chicken bites, meat pie, fish pie, suya sticks.

Local Nigerian Delicacies

Nigeria is blessed with so much variety in food, different soups, stews, and rice dishes. here you can choose a soup that you love, or want to try for the first time. Whatever you choose though I promise you that you won't be disappointed. We have varieties of soups from egusi soup, to afang soup, pepper soup, and even stew. Just choose your type of meat and enjoy!

Cakecicles are a fun twist to cake pops, they are great by themselves, or decorated with different flavors. You can make this a great way to celebrate your birthday, wedding, baby dedication, etc.

New Cookies!

This year, sweet Sensations is bringing out new and sensational cookies like the iced or uniced sugar cookie. It is the perfect balance between crisp and soft & the new and improved red velvet cookie with white chocolate chips.

Nigerian Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice is delicious party rice that just doesn't get the same recognition as Jollof and fried rice. Maybe it's because it is a very special type of rice or that it is indigenous to the southern part of nigeria, but whatever it may be, I know you'll love to eat this rich, spicy, aromatic rice with shrimp, corn beef, or your choice of protein.

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